5 Ways to find new SEO keywords Without paying 1

SEO is an essential element for successful blogging, and sooner you realise, better it is for you. We all know the importance of Keywords, and there are many paid tools which help us in Keyword research. Paid Keyword research tools are very useful, when you are getting into too many details of Keyword, and trying to find low hanging fruits. But when it comes to blogging, where a blogger is writing for passion, you find it overwhelming to perform research to find best possible SEO Keywords, which will help you to get more traffic, or higher CPC for ads. Though, needless to say, if you are not doing it now, you will start doing it sooner in your blogging career.

Here I’m going to help you with some of the free resources available online, which we usually ignore, and they will certainly help you to find many profitable SEO keywords in your niche. The only thing that you need to do is; look in the right direction.

Few Untold Secrets of finding SEO Keywords:

Do remember, using all the below-mentioned technique you will be able to find seed keywords, but you might like to use another tool to check for other factors like Keyword competition, long-tail keywords and so on.

Google search auto-suggestion

5 Ways to find new SEO keywords Without paying

How many times have you searched for something in the search bar and how many times you never completed your query, because your wanted query was already shown by Google itself. Google search is the easiest way to start digging up for popular keywords, because they are predefined for better user experience and to ease out on sorting different queries to for everyone. And the answer results are tremendous as they go for the worldwide result, you get to know few of the new the terms related to your niche.

Here do it once, search for an already thought out keyword like say “blogging” and see

Here what I got out of it.

5 Ways to find new SEO keywords Without paying

So as you can see the popular keywords are making their way on to you, themselves.

Also, see at the bottom of the result page, you will find queries, that may also give you insights for your new keywords. Example below:

5 Ways to find new SEO keywords Without paying

Find Keywords targeted by competition

We have already shared about SEMRUSH, which is an excellent tool to find competitor keywords and few more tools to spy on your competitor site. If you are looking for the free solution to finding SEO keywords being targeted by a competitor or related website in your niche, here is an easy solution. When you choose any category, it obvious that it has already chosen up by some else, it’s the era of internet, and you are not alone that has brains. And most importantly, if there is no competition – there’s no fun.

So choose your competitor and see what keywords are followed up by him.

So I will choose any site with blogging tips, you may choose different sites, according to your niche category, let say I choose “shout-me-loud”, and after you open up the site choose any blog post or even the site’s homepage, here I will take the site’s homepage for example.

Now here is the site:

5 Ways to find new SEO keywords Without paying

So the here is the site, now open its source-code, you can do it by “Right clicking” on the web page and simply selecting “View Page-Source” or by simply pressing “<CTRL>” and “U’ together.

Now a new page will open up with all the HTML codes in it, search for the term “Keywords” in it.

And you will see:

5 Ways to find new SEO keywords Without paying

I have marked the keywords in blue colour.

This type of keyword research helps you in two different ways:

  • You can take an idea for your next keywords
  • You know what your competitor is doing, and what the terms he is focussing on are.

Use Google Webmaster tool to find existing Keywords

Sometimes we oversee our keywords that are already present and are empowering our site, if you have a blog, you must have attached it with Google webmaster tools, have a look at that, and you will find more than just a bunch of keywords there.

So go to your Google webmaster tools, and select your blog, and then on the “Left sidebar” click “Traffic” and beneath it you will see “Search Queries”, click on it. You will yourself see some related queries that automatically helps you improve your SERP (Search Engine Rankings).

Here is mine,

5 Ways to find new SEO keywords Without paying

So above you see, the Queries that work for my blog – automatically without finding them, now I can use them for my new articles and place them as my new keywords.

Find Keywords using Alexa

We all know that Alexa is free tracking and ranking website for all the sites present on the web, but they also give insights about where are the keywords that are searched more for a blog or a website.

You can search for your competition site and can find their most searched query on the “Right Sidebar”. Example below

5 Ways to find new SEO keywords Without paying

Use Google keyword tool:

The tool is free to use; you just have to visit Google keyword tool. There you will see a dashboard, enter your term or phrase in it, select country, your category and anything extra given(if you want to), and simple click on “Search.”

The result will be like this:

5 Ways to find new SEO keywords Without paying

Now there are two benefits of using this tool,

  • They give you keyword idea
  • The new updated interface also gives you long tail keywords or phrases.

You can read the Harsh guide on Keyword research for beginners, to understand Google AdWord tool for keyword research.

Bonus Tip #1:

You can use my 1st and 2nd tip together to find new keywords, like the search for existing keywords in the search bar, and on the page below there will be different links to different blogs. Click on the blog and search their source code for new keywords that are already ranking in the Google search result page.

Bonus Tip #2: Free Online Keyword tools

There are other free online SEO keyword suggestion/research tools like:

  • WordStream.com
  • Ubersuggest

There is no denying the fact that paid Keyword research tools are always handy to save time, but they always comes with a price tag. Of all the tools, Google keyword tool is an amazing place to start with, and you can use Traffic Travis for checking the keyword competition. Once you have your keywords ready, you can take help of plugins like SEOPressor to optimize your post for your SEO keyword, and by applying other techniques like Social share and backlink building, you can rank higher in SERP’s.

Do let me know if you know of other free keyword tools, which will help us to find new keywords in no-time. If you find this article useful, do consider sharing it on Facebook & Twitter.

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5 Ways to find new SEO keywords Without paying
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