5 Online Free Keyword Density Calculator Tools 1

5 Online Free Keyword Density Calculator Tools

Keyword Density is known as the number of times a keyword or phrase used in a page relative to the total number of words present.

Keyword Density =

  • # of keywords / # of total words

While writing an article/piece of content for your business or blog page, you have to make sure that your content is keyword rich.The food rich in spices will have more taste.” Similarly, the article rich in keywords will rank higher in search engines.

There are plenty of keyword density calculator tools available. Today, I will tell you about the 5 best free keyword density checker tools out there.

5 Online Free Keyword Density Calculator Tools

These tools will help you balance your keywords better. It’s important to remember two things:

  1. Articles with low keyword density will not achieve the desired results in search engines.
  2. Articles with extremely high keyword density may get your entire website flagged for keyword spamming.

If you are completely new to SEO and keywords, I recommend you read the following three posts, as they will help you to understand the basics and you can utilize their SEO techniques to get higher rankings in SERPs.


  • Importance Of Keywords In SEO
  • Beginner’s Guide To Learning Keyword Research
  • How To Use Keywords Effectively In A WordPress Blog

Now, if you have read all of the above-mentioned posts, you are aware of the importance of keywords.

  • Again, using too many keywords (“keyword stuffing/keyword spamming”) and using a low amount of keywords will not be helpful if you want to rank higher in SERPs.

Usually, I prefer to keep my keyword density around 1-1.30%, but you can experiment and pick a %age which works best for you.

For writers, bloggers, and webmasters looking to rank higher, these keyword density checker tools will be of great value to you.

Tools To Analyze Keyword Density:

1. Live Keyword Density Analysis

5 Online Free Keyword Density Calculator Tools

This is a very simple tool to use. Type the keywords, paste your content, and the keyword density check will be done automatically.

You can even edit the article in its interface.

2. ADD Me Tool

This is another tool which will help you in generating a keyword/phrase density report.

There’s also the option to export your result as a .csv file.

3. SEO Centro Tool

This tool goes above standard keyword density checking and analyzes the “tags cloud”.

This helps in getting to know your site’s most important keywords.

4. Article Underground

This tool checks your URL’s meta data and will show a warning if it finds any error on you page.

5. SEO Chat Keyword Density Tool

This keyword counting tool will check for both linked and non-linked words.

It’s another great useful keyword checker tool for webmasters.

These are a few of the best keyword density checking tools which I have come across. If you know of any more keyword tools, please share with us in the comments section below.

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5 Online Free Keyword Density Calculator Tools
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