5 Best WordPress Plugins To Create Stunning Landing Pages 1

Are you looking for the best landing page plugin for WordPress?

I bet you do but before we even dive into the topic (and your hands dirty), let’s take a quick moment to understand what a landing page is.

A landing page is a feature which is most often overlooked by bloggers. Make no mistake as a landing page serves a lot of purposes, especially for generating leads, increasing email subscribers and sales copy.

While there are many definitions of what a landing page is all about, Unbounce did a great job in creating a simple explanation of what a landing page is all about here:

5 Best WordPress Plugins To Create Stunning Landing Pages

In this post, you will discover my top picks of the best landing page plugin for WP.

Are you ready to dive in for some serious reviews?


5 Top Landing Page Builder Plugins For WordPress

1. Thrive Landing Pages + Thrive Content Builder

If you are looking for a good landing page plugin for WordPress, take a serious consideration of Thrive Landing Pages plugin.

According to user experiences, Thrive Landing Pages is a remarkable plugin that provides state-of-the-art drag and drops editor as well as a HUGE selection of pre-made templates.

5 Best WordPress Plugins To Create Stunning Landing Pages

What does this mean to you?

You can easily change anything (every element and aspect) on the page with just a few clicks. The best part about it is that you do not need to use any codes at all!

What about Thrive Content Builder?

Simple. Thrive Content Builder allows you to perform drag and drop features on your content itself.

  • Want to add an image on the left? No problem!
  • Want to create multiple columns? No problem!
  • Want to change font size and style? Absolutely!

If you are an absolute beginner or simply doesn’t want to get your hands dirty in all WordPress coding, then you should be using Thrive Landing Pages.

And if the above doesn’t convince you yet, here’s another list of what it can do for you:

  • Over 150 eye-catching templates
  • Ability to import templates or creating one from scratch
  • Undo and redo option (which is Godly)
  • Loads fast (and therefore, doesn’t slow down your website)
  • The plugin allows you to edit both pages and posts
  • WYSIWYG style editor which supports on-the-go customization
  • Super easy to setup and low learning curve to master the plugin.

At this point of writing, Thrive Landing Pages costs a mere $67 for unlimited updates and one full year of support.

You can also get pretty fast support from their forum as well!

5 Best WordPress Plugins To Create Stunning Landing Pages

Check Thrive Landing Pages

2. The Divi Builder

5 Best WordPress Plugins To Create Stunning Landing Pages

ElegantThemes calls it the “Ultimate Page Builder” and the tagline is “build anything, drag and drop, and no coding required.

I was lucky to be able to use The Divi Builder, and it is a very awesome tool, to say the very least.

The Divi Builder originally denoted from the popular Divi drag and dropped theme. If you have used Divi in the past, you would know how effective it is when it comes to building a website with it.

But if you have not use Divi, don’t worry!

I’m sure you will discover the true power of what Divi Builder can do for you in this post.

What I truly love about the Divi Builder is that it is built with the power of Divi. This means that the plugin is created exactly to what Divi Theme can offer. Ultimately, making the Divi Builder as one of the best landing page plugins for WP.

What Divi Builder offers (compared to others) is endless possibilities in the layout. Ladies and gentlemen, this is one of the best features that truly make Divi Builder different from the rest. In short, there is nothing you can’t create with the Divi Builder.

Apart from that, the Divi Builder is also compatible with most of the WordPress themes in the market. Therefore, you do not need to worry that it may conflict other plugins of yours.

In Divi Builder, there are ‘modules’ which acts like building blocks. You can combine any one of them to create the ultimate landing page.

Apart from that, Divi Builder is powerful because it comes with ‘Library’ function. With this function, you can save all your favorite custom settings and layout to be reused in the future. No more wasting time rebuilding the module and all you need to do to press ‘Add From Library.

How much does the Divi Builder cost?

Plans start at $69 per year that comes with technical support and unlimited updates.

Check Divi Builder

3. Beaver Builder

5 Best WordPress Plugins To Create Stunning Landing Pages

You may/may not hear about Beaver Builder before, but make no mistake as it is one of that drag and drop tools that get the much-needed recognition and recommendation from Chris Lema.

Chris Lema is a top class business consultant as well as WordPress professional. When he recommends a product such as Beaver Builder, you need to pay attention to it!

What is Beaver Builder?

Primarily, this plugin serves as a drag and drop page builder, and it could also be used to create a powerful landing page.

Beaver Builder plugin can be the all-in-one tool for you (if you have been searching for some time) because it comes packing with tons of features.

The first feature is that it allows you to pre-create layouts. Now, focus on the word “pre.” If you are in the designing industry, this will allow you to design awesome layouts in advance and to put them into your ‘showcase’ or portfolio.

When a client asks for a sample, you don’t have to rebuild the layouts from scratch. Instead, picking a few from your repository with the help of the Beaver Builder.

Secondly, Beaver Builder is a drag and drop page builder. And you can move anything on the page without hassle.

Want to move ‘this’ to the right? *Click* and you’re done.

With Beaver Builder, integrates seamlessly into your WordPress website and makes website developer an easy task!

Beaver Builder also comes with a lorry load of features (just like Thrive Landing Pages and Divi Builder) and the team behind the plugin ensures that the code is clean, lean and ultimately, creating a fast performance.

If you need flexibility (regardless you are a complete WordPress beginner or an advanced user), Beaver Builder is powerful and works like a charm.

Here’s a video of Chris Lema giving you a quick review on the Beaver Builder.

I can totally relate to it if you still have doubts using the Beaver Builder. So, here’s a deal for you. How about a free version?

No kidding!

The team is offering a free version of the Beaver Builder, but it has its limitations. There will be options which are not available for usage.

So, how much does the Beaver Builder cost?

Price starts at $99 for unlimited sites and unlimited upgrades.

Check Beaver Builder

4. Coming Soon Pro by SeedProd

5 Best WordPress Plugins To Create Stunning Landing Pages

Before you throw rotten tomatoes at me, hear me out.

Coming Soon Pro by SeedProd isn’t a drag and drag WordPress plugin.

  • It doesn’t come with tons of templates
  • And it doesn’t come with a loveable, drag and drop editor

It is not surprising that Coming Soon Pro by SeedProd isn’t a very much big ‘thing’ to talk about when compared with the big boys, but it does something so brilliantly; creating landing pages that converts.

Now, how does this plugin works?

The plugin is best used when you are launching (or launching) a new website and you need to create a nice coming soon page.

This plugin stops visitors from visiting any other page of the website (when activated), and you are free to do the ‘renovation works’ at the back with ease.

Here are several features of the plugin:

  • Simple controls and settings
  • Ability to visit the website through uniquely generated links
  • On/off maintenance mode
  • Advanced customizations through CSS
  • Integrate seamlessly with major email marketing solutions
  • Can run rival contests from your ‘coming soon’ page (bonus)

Due to the limited features, you can get a copy of Coming Soon Pro by SeedProd from $29.

Check Coming Soon Pro

5. OptimizePress

OptimizePress is already a household name when it comes to drag and drop/landing page plugin for WP.

According to its official website, the tagline for OptimizePress is “Creating Landing Pages, Sales Pages, and Membership Portal.” So, how does this plugin stands up to the name?

OptimizePress is a very functional, drag and drop page builder. You can easily create multiple, highly converting pages in just a few clicks. It is so easy to use that you do not need any coding knowledge to get it running.

One of the key advantages using OptimizePress is the ability to build and edit your pages in real time. With the powerful LiveEditor system, you can easily do changes to your page and change every element of the page in real time.

In the search engine space, we talked about the importance of responsive designs, and you don’t have to worry about it if you are using OptimizePress. When you use OptimizePress, it will automatically create fully responsive pages for you (without any hard work). So, all your pages will look stunning on any device!

5 Best WordPress Plugins To Create Stunning Landing Pages

At this time of writing, OptimizePress comes with over 30 professional templates to choose from. Regardless you are building a landing page or sales page; there will be many pre-made templates you can choose from.

One of the biggest concerns for many bloggers is the lack of ‘creative’ mindset. And if that bothers you, you don’t have to be worried because OptimizePress comes with more than 40 custom elements. With these elements, you can easily create stunning layouts and even those that are specifically custom to your blog.

How much does OptimizePress cost?

The smallest package starts at $97 that allows you to use OptimizePress up to three sites that you own. It also includes one full year of support and plugin updates.

OptimizePress comes in two types; plugin and the theme itself. When you purchase OptimizePress, you can choose either one of them to be installed on your blog.

Check OptimizePress


There are many things you need to consider when choosing the best landing page plugin for WordPress. It is important to choose the right one that fits your needs. Always remember that each plugin comes with very distinct advantages.

Therefore you are unable to decide; it is always recommended to try on each of them (consider their 100% refund policy)!

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