A backup plugin knows when WordPress is in an idle state and not performing any operations on the database.

This is the state where you should be creating a backup.

If you backup WordPress manually, you might make a backup while WordPress is performing an operation on the database. And when this happens, your backup, when restored will break your website.

2. Peace of Mind

When you are out on holiday, you don’t want to be backing up your WordPress site every day or even every week.

A plugin will make automatic backups even when you are out on holiday.

3. A Plugin Backs Up Everything

There is a lot you don’t know about WordPress unless you are a web developer.

If that is the case, you might miss out on backing up some important data or making some changes that are required before creating a backup.

When this happens, you will be left with a partial (or worse, a broken) backup. 

Even if you are convinced that manual backups are much inferior to backups created by backup plugins, you might still be thinking about trusting your web host’s free daily backup. If you do, let me break it to you:

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