5 Best Online Spell Checker Tools For Error-Free Writing 1

Microsoft word has inbuilt grammar and spell checker feature…


it is not the best one.

When you are working on something important like writing business emails, essays for school or an article for your blog, proofreading your text with just Microsoft word is the dumbest idea.

It is always good to have an extra eye on your content to make it flawless, smooth and polished.

Although you can use Microsoft word for your spelling check, but what if I introduce you some cool online tools that not only check your spelling mistakes but your grammar and punctuation errors too?



Top 5 Spelling Checker Tools​ With Extra Amazing Features:

Some of the below-mentioned tools are so awesome that you can use them for all your proofreading tasks including spelling checking, grammar and punctuation correction, sentence correction, vocabulary enhancement, style improvement and what not.

Let’s have a look at our first and top spelling checker tool​:

1. Grammarly

According to WikiPedia, Grammarly is a writing enhancement platform.

By just registering for a Grammarly account and installing its free extension to your browser, you allow yourself to proofread your content wherever you write.

5 Best Online Spell Checker Tools For Error-Free Writing

Writing a facebook status, tweeting a tweet, writing an email or working on your school project and worrying about silly spelling mistakes?

Don’t worry, Grammarly will fix all. Just install its free extension to your browser and make yourself a better writer today.

If you upgrade your Grammarly account to its premium version, you will get additional features like Microsoft Add-in, Plagiarism detector etc.

Read this article to learn about Grammarly tool and all its free and paid features in detail.

2. Ginger

Ginger is another best spelling checker tool that you can find online.

As they claim; their spell checker has no comparison in terms of the accuracy. Ginger corrects your typos, phonetic mistakes, severe spelling mistakes, and misused words based on the context of a sentence. With just a single click, you can correct all your spelling mistakes to make your content smooth.

5 Best Online Spell Checker Tools For Error-Free Writing

3. WhiteSmoke

During my comparison test between Grammarly and WhiteSmoke, I found that Whitesmoke is a great Grammarly alternative. So I listed it here.

According to their official website; Whitesmoke is a FREE grammar checker tool that offers you various handy tools like Spelling checker, grammar and punctuation checker, style checker etc.

5 Best Online Spell Checker Tools For Error-Free Writing

4. SmallSEOTools

SmallSEOTools is a FREE toolbox for bloggers and online marketers.

If you write a lot of content and want to proofread your content for free, then you can make use of SmallSEOTools Spell Checker tool. But they don’t offer any extension, so whenever you need to check your content for any spelling or grammar mistake, you need to either type your content there or copy paste it from your text editor.

5 Best Online Spell Checker Tools For Error-Free Writing

5. SpellChecker

This is the last tool in our online spelling checker tools list.

According to them, there are many ways to check your spellings. You can make use of dictionary to double check your spellings, you can type your word in Google and it will show you the correct spelling, or you can use MS Word’s spell checking feature. But all these methods will take your enough time. Why not use this tool and proofread your entire content in one go?

Give this tool a try, and do let us know if it works best for you.

5 Best Online Spell Checker Tools For Error-Free Writing

Final Words:

Although there are many tools, software that you can use to proofread your content, but what I personally believe is, whichever tool you use, it must be a time savior.

There is no sense to use multiple tools for different purpose. Find a single tool that can do all the tasks for you. I did this job for you and found Grammarly as the best tool that you can believe on. Here are few more reasons why Grammarly is the best:

  • It is the all-in-one tool which includes grammar checker, punctuation checker, spelling checker, vocabulary enhancement, plagiarism detector etc. So, no need to look for multiple tools.
  • It has a great MS-Office Add-in. That means you can proofread your content using Grammarly directly in the MS-Word. (without opening the browser.)
  • It has a great extension for all the browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari. That means, you can proofread your content in real-time. You just keep writing and Grammarly will keep finding errors in your text. Isn’t it awesome?
  • You can copy paste your content or upload your file directly to their web interface.
  • You can download their desktop version as well. Like Mac users can download Grammarly for Mac from here.
  • Last but not the least, it offers both FREE and premium service. According to your needs, you can choice their plans. Remember, you can use Grammarly for FREE as long as you want.

I tried my best to provide you all the required information about these online spelling checker tools. Now, it’s your turn to choose the one according to your needs. I highly recommend you to go with Grammarly. If you know any other tool better than Grammarly, then please let me know in the comment section.

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