You must have heard it multiple times that ‘Content is king.

What you must not have heard a lot is that bad content is as good as no content at all.

That is why getting your content proofread to the best reading quality – especially with the use of apps such as Grammarly – is advised.

However, the time could come when you start asking for Grammarly alternatives for one reason or the other.

Grammarly is one of the top writing and editing softwares on the internet which allows even non-native English speakers write at a native/ near-native level.

Offering numerous writing styles, the software allows you pick between British and American English modes of writing.

Of course, all that comes at a price.

If that price is why you would prefer to use another service, you can take advantage of our 25% discount offer on the Grammarly software and get to writing professionally too.

For those who would like to know all the software can do for them, you should read our Grammarly review here.

Whatever reasons you might have for seeking out a Grammarly alternative, here are the top 5 options you should absolutely have a crack at.

5 Best Grammarly Alternatives in 2018

1. ProWritingAid

The first option to be considered – especially when the issue you have with Grammarly is the pricing plan – is this ProWritingAid software.

5 Best Grammarly Alternatives in 2018 [with Massive Discounts]

It is very similar to Grammarly in the types of writing styles provided to the writer. Starting out, you can choose between various templates such as blog posting, academic writing, business writing and generic writing to mention but a few. You can also use this software to fix content style issues faster than you could have expected.

One exclusive feature to ProWritingAid which makes it a better Grammarly alternative is the manuscript editing software.

This software comes with the actual package (at no additional cost) and allows checking of contextual spelling, grammar, sentence structure, and punctuations.

The software even allows the analyses of your content with up to 20 different types of reports.

Like Grammarly, ProWritingAid also has a variety of ways to integrate your content into the editor dashboard rather than having to use ‘copy and paste’ commands.

Unlike Grammarly, you get a wide range of this content importing and integration tools with this one.

You can link up your social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) accounts, WordPress editor dashboard, Google Docs, Open Office, Scrivener and any other web editor to the ProWritingAid dashboard.

Other features that make ProWritingAid an awesome alternative is its repetition detection and elimination function. You can now write great sentences without the fear of repeating words and making them redundant.

Even better is the fact that the same software will help you check the level of plagiarism in your content.

Right then and there, you can remove red flags from your content, eliminating the chances of getting blacklisted and doing poorly on the internet.

Alongside the thesaurus feature which allows for word substitution and better vocabulary building, ProWritingAid brings on detailed explanations for every word in your content.

If you are interested in getting this software, you should look at our detailed ProWritingAid review to get more insight into the software. You can also take advantage of our 40% discount offer to get more value for your money.


  • Offers a one-time, lifetime subscription plan
  • Cheaper in comparison to Grammarly
  • Packs additional features (contextual suggestions, thesaurus, in-depth reports, etc.)
  • Time-saving integrations across multiple platforms
  • Free plan offers more

  • Free plan edits less words
  • Better suited to authors than bloggers
  • Only offers Chrome extensions

Get ProWritingAid

2. WhiteSmoke

One of the things that make WhiteSmoke a suitable substitution for Grammarly is not even the pricing – which, by the way, is also one point to consider.

What we see as the major upgrade here is the community-maintained library of words that go into the content-checking database.

Built on a Statistical Machine Translation platform, you are sure to get your content back with a high level of accuracy.

Since the database is also being sustained by the community, your content will be checked against other all-time submissions. This check against the community data ensures you get suggestions based on a large database of spellings, punctuations and other sentence errors.

The best part of this algorithm is that it helps you keep a consistent writing style with different articles in its memory.

When you use WhiteSmoke, you will be checking your article against all the 16 different sentence structures and areas.

These include incomplete sentences, sentence fragments, double negatives, tense shifts, capitalizations and incorrect punctuation, fused sentences and dangling modifiers, to mention but a few. The platform will even check up on missing words and let you know to adjust them.

WhiteSmoke comes preloaded with no less than 55 different languages. This will be useful to those who write content in multiple languages as they will get native support for the intended language.

That beats Grammarly which only supports only the English language. In a way, you even get to learn a new language better since WhiteSmoke is known to give a possible sample sentence for every word you throw at it.

This writing and editing tool has been made available across multiple platforms for a better user experience.

If you are using any of Android or iOS, you will be able to get the integrations onto your phones and tablets. Users of Windows (browser extensions for Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Edge, etc.) and Mac (Safari browser integrations) are not left out of the party either.

The best part of going for WhiteSmoke is that you can have 50% off the already relatively lower price. For that price, check out the full Grammarly vs WhiteSmoke review to see just what you will be getting at that deal.


  • Maintains a community database
  • Supports up to 55 languages
  • Allows translation
  • Conforms writing style based on database suggestions
  • Statistical Machine Translation is quite accurate

  • No integrations with MS-Word available
  • No free grammar checking tool

Get WhiteSmoke

3. GingerSoftware

If you have been looking for an alternative to Grammarly for a while now, chances are that you have come across GingerSoftware. That is not without reason though. It is arguable one of the very best grammar checking tools on the internet – with or without comparison to Grammarly.

The tool is so rated, even the developers believe you won’t need other human reviewers by the time their software is done with your content.

Ginger Software gives you the option to check all possible changes you can make to errors by hovering your mouse over the highlighted section. The best thing about this editing dashboard is that you can choose to accept all the changes at once from the comfort of an ‘Approve all’ button.

If you were amazed by the option of WhiteSmoke having 55 different languages to choose from, wait till you learn that this one brings 10 more on board.

Not only can you switch between a collection of 65 different languages but you also get the option of rephrasing your text according to different suggestions provided. That makes sure all your sentences don’t just follow the same line of reasoning, improving the spice and content flow in the same vein.

Equipped with a tool for plagiarism detection, GingerSoftware will allow you detect how original your content is to make sure you don’t put out bad content.

A unique feature is that algorithm which explains why each grammatical blunder is so, giving you insights into why necessary changes were made. You even get a text reader to better your pronunciations. That shows how much your spoken English is taken with as much importance as your writing efficiency.

Lest we forget, one other region where this software excels is in that of integrations. It does the basics, allowing you link up your account with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices. It even goes the extra mile by offering browser extensions to users.

What makes it unique is its integration to your phone keyboard to take on all autocorrect and spellchecker duties. With that, your messages just got neater, better and crisper.

Even though all of these features already come at a lesser price range to Grammarly’s offering, you can still pick up as much as a 40% discount offer when you buy a plan with GingerSoftware. For all that it offers, this is almost a steal.


  • Support for 65 languages
  • Integrations with your phone’s keyboards
  • One-tap button for approving changes
  • Improves spoken word accuracy
  • Free version allows editing and grammar checks

  • Writing checks are not genre-specific
  • Does not include MS-Office extensions

Get GingerSoftware

4. PaperRater

PaperRater comes in fourth as an alternative to consider when Grammarly is out of the question.

If you ask most people that use this platform, they will tell you how the platform allows them do so much more for so much less.

To rephrase that, you will be able to get more than the basic skeletal features of many editing tools for your content with this software.

Getting into the specifics, PaperRater has an internal algorithm (named Grendel) which performs all the grammar and spellchecking jobs. You can simply paste or upload your content to the editor and watch the software go.

Another exciting feature you can try out is the plagiarism detector and checker. This feature is even available for the users of the free package.

The only downside is that you will only be getting the degree of plagiarism present in the article but not where the duplications are coming from. Until you sign up for a paid package, that is.

A vocabulary builder is also worth mentioning. By simply putting a word into this section, you get a definition and different use cases for such a word too. That helps to improve the quality of not only your writing but every day speaking vocabulary.

Even though the platform is a little bit complex to use and limited in terms of integrations (of which it allows none), it is a suitable alternative to Grammarly where price is the primary concern.


  • Offers plagiarism checks
  • Vocabulary builder improves spoken/ written English
  • Unlimited total submissions for the free version

  • Comes with no integrations
  • Proof-reader is a bit complex
  • Corrections and editing are not as in-depth

Get PaperRater

5. Hemingway App

The Hemingway App is different from Grammarly in many ways than one.

While the latter is concerned with making sure your spelling and punctuations are done right, the Hemmingway app is more interested in making your content better for the readers as a whole.

Keeping to its promise of making your writing ‘bold and clear,’ this app guns for the passive voices, complex words, adverbs and wordy sentences in your piece.

It works by highlighting different parts of your text with different colors so you know what issues you are treating in different regions.

After highlighting, you get actionable advice on how to make the content better, improve the sentences and make it even more readable.

Speaking of, the app will award you a readability score at the end of each session. That will give you an insight into how your audience will see and receive the content you are about to push out to them.

A desktop version of the app allows you publish your content into either of WordPress or Medium directly. The desktop version also allows you write in distraction-free mode and save your documents or export them in multiple formats (as markdown or word).

The biggest advantage here has to be the feature that allows you share highlighted PDFs with your colleagues.

Unlike Grammarly, the Hemingway app allows you format your document right within the editor dashboard. This includes using of bold, italics, underline and even insertion of links to anchor texts within your document.

It is the combination of these features that make the Hemingway app highly rated over Grammarly for even book writers.

Even though you will still be needing an editor, best believe he/she will find it easier to make your work into something beautiful after you must have run it through the app.


  • Integrations with WordPress and Medium
  • Allows saving of documents
  • Exporting of documents in Word or markdown formats
  • Improves content readability
  • Sharing of document with others
  • Distraction-free writing mode
  • Allows document formatting

  • Not very strong on spellchecking and punctuations
  • Offers no phone/ browser integrations

Hemingway App


Even though Grammarly is the writing/editing assistant that sets the bells going, you now have at least 5 more platforms that will offer you some more features for your money.

ProWritingAid is especially a standout performer, offering almost everything you can get on Grammarly and even more of its own specials. Already less expensive than the latter, you can still take advantage of the 40% discount offer for an even better deal.

When you’re caught out looking for another software to handle your editing and related tasks with Grammarly out of the loop, which of these would you rather go for? Let us know in the comments section.

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