It’s time to change the way we do SEO because those days were gone when link building was the only factor to rank well. Everyone wants to improve their search results, want to earn more organic traffic.

There is no one who doesn’t want free, high-quality organic traffic. Every marketer is giving some amount focus towards SEO and yes there are many things that have a direct approach towards SEO.

There are many marketing activities that we probably don’t know, but indirectly they affect the search traffic.

Today, here I’m e going to talk about few ways that will indirectly be going to help you to increase your search ranking.

4 Indirect Search Engine Ranking Factors You Should Never Ignore

Customer Feedback:

4 Indirect Search Engine Ranking Factors You Should Never Ignore

Many people think that there is no connection between user feedback and SEO. But I assure all of them that there is an indirect connection. Having feedback from your customers is going to help in many ways. Of course, it’s a time taking process.

However, if businesses are going to get user feedback and using it in a correct way, then it can help them out in different ways.

Only they have to follow two things:

#1 Contact after the sale-

Every business focuses on customer satisfaction but how one can be assured about this. For this, you have to communicate with the customers without making them annoyed.

You have to find out the chances to interact with them likewise communication just after the sale. It’s obvious that when someone is going to use your products/services, they want some reassurance regarding quality service. For this purpose, you can directly call or email them confirming about their products/services and make them free to contact for any future help.

#2 Contact after the use of product/services-

The best thing about getting feedback from the customer after they used your product is to know about real user experience. Once they use your services, they will share their working experience with you. This will help you to make your services much better so that it can help you to retain happy customers.

4 Indirect Search Engine Ranking Factors You Should Never Ignore

If your customer says that they are feeling great with your services, then you should ask them to share their experience with the world. Since they are happy with your support, then they will help you out in many ways.

You can also choose few things that can help your SEO like ask them to put a review of yours on a quality Review site, for example, Yelp, Yahoo local, Yellow Pages, etc. The better customer experience you have, the higher your profile will appear on high-quality sites.

Here are 19 Online Review Sites for Collecting Business & Product Reviews

How listing on review sites are going to help in SEO?

Sites having high authority will pass some of the authority to those websites that are top listed there in the niche category. Having good amount of profile over many authority review site will improve your search authority at some level. These reviews can provide direct business customer and search authority in not a big way but in a good amount that will be noticeable.

Join Niche events:

4 Indirect Search Engine Ranking Factors You Should Never Ignore

In every business area, there are many events happening throughout the year. Anyone can easily find out local events related to the same niche.

Many believe that joining conferences can be a waste of time, but I think it can help in many ways, just like building relationships and learning from experts. Events can create a road for you to get many opportunities.

In conferences, you will meet many people of your industry and there you had a chance to discuss your product/services. You can also email them your latest post and ask them to give feedback.

What else can help you is that if they like your post then most probably they will link to it. This link back will have a huge impact on your search ranking.

Else you can also offer to create a guest post for them, and this will help you to create more links.

You can easily find out any conference by searching over Google. Only you have to put Query as:

Niche + conferences + year

Go to many lists as you can to find out the best one. One thing I want to clear that it may be a worthless or valuable event, it’s on you how you are going to spend your time for the specific event.

Engage with others and take their help:

If you are a sole owner then you have a lot of workloads then it’s quite obvious you can’t do everything alone. Mostly, busy people hires experienced freelance writers to have quality content. Good Freelancers do their job very carefully, and their content became easiest to rank over SE.

If you are going to hire a freelance writer, then offer them some good opportunities to talk about. When you build a great relation with them, they will take more interest to write a valuable content and then, of course, they will share their piece of writing all over the net. You will found that your writer is going to help you in an indirect way.

Focus on User Experience:

4 Indirect Search Engine Ranking Factors You Should Never Ignore

Having a website is not good enough you also have to focus on some factor by keeping in mind UX. It is found that usually users leave the pages because of the low-quality website, and this will lead to increase in bounce rate.

How Google finds you best for user experience? When a searcher clicks on your page from SERP then if he will stay on your page then you did a good job, but if searcher came back to Google, then it will show that your website doesn’t satisfied user choice.

  • How to Improve User Experience on Your Blog
  • How To Make a User-Friendly Blog For More Conversions

So, if you are going to improve your user experience, then it will increase your visitor’s number and indirectly the search engine ranking.

Three basic factors of User Experience:

  1. Loading speed: It has been proved that because of low page speed users leave the pages. They don’t want to take the pain and waste their time in the fraction of a second. Google has confirmed that page load speed is one of the biggest factors in search engine algorithm.
  2. Remove Clutter: People wants to see the specific content that helps them, they don’t want to see unusual things. Therefore, if they see many clutter over a single web page it makes them annoyed, and they leave that page. So, try to serve clear things that visitors will adore.
  3. Website architecture: If you have a good site structure then it will help you for better crawling. For this, you have to manage every web page of users in a logical hierarchal way that will help crawler to find the pages very carefully.

In this process, internal linking also plays a great role, but website structure is more than internal links. This will also help users as they find the relevancy between your sites pages, the bounce rate will decrease and leads to the improvement in better ranking.


By doing all research and spending my time with SEO, I found that if you have the assumption that I have done everything which was necessary then this is the right time to wake up. There could be lots of other ways which may be treated as indirect SEO factors but they producing good values for your web pages like few which I shared above.

Indirect factors are largely being missed by business owners. Therefore, it’s better to focus our SEO strategy in these factors on bringing more sparks in our results. Do let me know what other indirect factors affect search engine ranking?

I would love to hear your opinion in the comment section below. And, do share this article on your favourite social networking sites.

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