4 Effective Link Development Strategies for SEO and Traffic 1

Let’s face it, old school link building is dead, gone are the days when all that mattered was link volume, where you can get links from web 2.0 sites and make your way to the first page of Google. Today SEOs need to approach the task more like a public relations exercise, where quality of links matters more than quantity. In this article I will discuss four great link development strategies.

4 Easy to implement link building strategies:

4 Effective Link Development Strategies for SEO and Traffic

Top 10 lists

Compilation lists have been used as viral material ever since the early days of the print press and it never seems to get old. They seem to attract attention easily, and the information is provided in bitesize chunks which appeals to the casual readers.

The strategy to come up with good viral lists is to be creative and highly unique, create something which hasn’t been done before; a top 5 email provider list probably wouldn’t help anyone. Furthermore, the content needs to be both entertaining and useful.

4 Effective Link Development Strategies for SEO and Traffic

Widget wonder

Widgets are a fantastic way to get links from websites, however they can be tricky to implement for novices because it’s very easy to code a simple widget, but tricky to get the masses using it. Webmasters tend to get this wrong by over promoting their website too much, and not providing sufficient value for the target user. Getting the balance right is key. Two great widgets are bizrate’s stamp of approval widget which is used by webmasters as a trust building badge, and Yelp’s review widget which provides websites with trusted third party content as well as useful maps to allow visitors to locate the store. They both provide strong value propositions which webmasters are happy to place on their websites.

In order for a widget to be installed and used on a website, it must compete for real estate space with the likes of Google adsense, tweet/like buttons etc. So it must provide substantial value equal to or greater than these services.

Guest posting

A guest post is when a blogger or a writer posts an article on a more influential blog. In order to gain readers and get a link for SEO, in return the host receives high relevant content which is useful to their readers.

In the age of social media and social networking, it’s becoming increasingly crucial to participate with other blogs by commenting on other people’s blogs or even providing content of your own. Other than gaining links, this allows writers to build a reputation and awareness of their brand.

Become an authority

This isn’t a direct link development approach per se, but it is crucial for facilitating long term link development. Having dealt with several micro niche blogs, I found that after my site reached #1 in search engines. I would stop developing the site further or build links to it. This made it very easy for a secondary site to come in with way better content than me and eventually beat me in the ranking as they started to attract more links than me.

I figured out over time that it was absolutely crucial to be the most knowledgeable authority in your niche by a long stretch, aim to far exceed your competitors beyond their imagination. This makes you the go to guy for any information in your niche.

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4 Effective Link Development Strategies for SEO and Traffic
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