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There are thousands of SEO tools out there, and especially when it comes to browser Addons, we have an unlimited number of SEO extensions that we can use. Sanket from Blurbpoint team has done a great work by asking over 100+ SEO experts about their favorite browser SEO add-on and extensions, and we do have some clear winner in terms of popularity, and in this process we also ended up discovering many new search engine optimization browser addons, that we never heard about. In this article, I will share the popular SEO addons and share a huge list of least popular browser extensions that can be used for various SEO purposes.

29 Popular SEO Browser Addons By SEO Experts

Most Popular SEO Addons as voted by SEO Experts:

Let me start with first five addons that are most popular and received the most votes. In the later section of this tool set, I will share other not so popular, but useful SEO browser extensions.


29 Popular SEO Browser Addons By SEO Experts

Mozbar browser extension (Firefox, Chrome) come out as a clear winner with 56 votes. Mozbar is an exclusive product by Moz team, and it works with or without a Moz account.  This toolbar quickly reveals important data about page that you are browsing, including domain authority, meta details, domain authority, Moz rank and so on. From a blogger perspective, this toolbar is very useful when you are finding reliable resources to link within a post, as with single click you can find the trust factor of that page.

29 Popular SEO Browser Addons By SEO Experts

Firebug for Mozilla Firefox:

29 Popular SEO Browser Addons By SEO Experts

Firebug is another popular SEO addon for the browser, and it’s more popular among the designer community. With Firebug, you can do various things like edit CSS, JS in real-time, check the source code, debug the code, or also check the loading time of the page. This is not one of those fancy looking browser extension, but it’s more for those SEO experts, who believe in looking at the code to optimize a site.

Check My Links:

29 Popular SEO Browser Addons By SEO Experts

CheckMylinks is a useful addon for link builders and content editors, as it will quickly let you check if a link on a page is working or not. With one click, you can quickly scan all the links of the page, and see how many broken links are there. This is very useful for link-building, as you can notify admins about broken links, and ask them to replace it with working link ( Your link on the same topic). Here is a detailed guide by Jon Copper, where he explained how you can use Check my links for link building. (Note: How quickly I spotted one important 404 links on my Blog homepage using this add-on).

MajesticSEO Plugin:

29 Popular SEO Browser Addons By SEO Experts

Majestic SEO addon will quickly let you find the link profile of a page, check the who.is record and many more details. It adds the power of MajesticSEO official site via an addon.  The only down-side of this addon is, to make the most out of this addon; you need to have an access token, which is available to only paid members of this addon. You don’t need to worry much about it, as I will be listing down more browser addons, which will work as great free replacement for Majestic SEO.

Redirect Path Checker addon:

29 Popular SEO Browser Addons By SEO Experts

A very simple and powerful chrome addon to check the HTTP header and flags up common HTTP status code like 301, 302, 404 and 500. Just a simply browser extension, but very handy while debugging some serious situation like redirection issue. Simple but effective addon for any SEO expert.

Runner-up List of Browser SEO Addons and Extensions:

Above mentioned SEO browser extensions were the most popular addon, and now I will list down a long list of not so popular but useful addons according to several SEO experts. Do remember, below mentioned list is not in any order, and you can see complete list on the official site here.

  • Boomerang for Gmail: This is a great addon for marketers and link-builders to fuel their Email outreach. With this, you can notify yourself if a person has not replied in “x” days. This way, you can keep track of your old out-reach, and will help you to send a reminder. This addon works with all popular browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari), and supports Gmail and Google Apps.
  • Ghostery: Ghostery is a privacy protection tool to disable tracking script on any website, but at the same time it’s useful to find what tracking tools your competitor site is using.
  • Screenhero: Screenhero is not an actual SEO tool, but it’s very useful for someone like me who offers online SEO consultancy. This tool is a collborative screen sharing tool, and works on cross-platform. It solves the major problem of screen sharing between windows-Mac OS.
  • User Agent switcher: User agent switcher addon will let you change the default user agent of your browser. Very handy to check cross-browser compatibility of any website.
  • iMacros : iMacros is a technical addon that will let you automate the repetitive task on a browser. (Chrome and Firefox)
  • WooRank Chrome extension: WooRank is one of my favorite website for getting SEO report of any domain. This browser addon will help you to analyze a domain, and let you see SEO tips to improve the SEO score of the page. This is very handy for quick site SEO audit.
  • Rapportive : Kristi Hines recommended Rapportive, and it’s one of the great addon for anyone whose work is online. This addon will pull up the social details of Email sender.
  • SEOQuake : SEOQuake is another popular Browser addon among SEO expert. Though, most of us have now switched to Moz or other similar add-on. Haven’t you?
  • Google Tag Assistant: Tag assistant addon checks a page for any available Google tags, and suggest if you need to upgrade your tag or not. After using this addon, I realized that I’m still using the old version of GA and need to upgrade to aSync version of GA tags.  Another simple but powerful browser extension for webmasters.
  • BuiltWithit: This addon will let you find technology behind any website. Very useful for active webmasters and SEO to analyze a competitor website. Another similar addon is Wappalyzer.
  • Sharemetric: A useful chrome addon to check total social-share of any webpage. It supports a wide number of social-networking and social-bookmarking sites.
  • Canonical:  This Chrome SEO extension will let you find canonical rel link on any page.
  • Nofollow: This addon will quickly let you check if a link on a page has the rel=nofollow tag on it or not.
  • Vimium: This addon helps you to add keyboard navigation on your Chrome browser. You can also customize the keyword stroke for specific browser task.
  • Bufferapp : Bufferapp got good number of mention in this SEO expert round-up. Bufferapp is a social-sharing addon that works with Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and LinedIn.
  • VidIQ Vision for Chrome: A useful addon for video bloggers and video marketers, to find the great in-depth detail of any Youtube video. Ex: What tags are being used, views details, social share and so on. Suggested by Ms. Ileane.
  • Signals by Hubspot: Signals is a useful addon for marketers to keep a track of when your Email was opened. Works with multiple Email provider, and have decent reviews on chrome store. No doubt, keeping a track of when an Email is opened, is a great plus point for your marketing campaign.
  • Pocket browser addon: I consider pocket as one of my favorite reading and productive tool. When I’m online, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with a number of new articles I want to read, and with Pocket, I can quickly save those page for offline reading on my various devices such as iPhone, iPad and so on.
  • SEOptimer: A quick site SEO audit addon for Chrome.
  • Domain Hunter: I have never used it before, but from the video explanation this looks like a great addon for active webmasters.
  • Awesome screenshot: Another popular browser extension among SEO experts. This addon will let you take screenshot quickly. Available for Chrome and Firefox.

I’m sure it will take a couple of hours to check out and understand all the above mentioned SEO Weapons. I’m sure you might be having few of yours own personal favorite add-on, do let me know which one it is?

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29 Popular SEO Browser Addons By SEO Experts
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