20 Quick SEO Tips for Everyone 1

20 Quick SEO Tips for Everyone

SEO (search engine optimization) is most important part of any blog , business or any online website. Though, it’s very tough to write down all about SEO in single post but here I would try to add as many as quick SEO tips, which you can implement/check and improve search engine visibility of your site. I will try to explain some of the points in brief or link to sources, where you can find detailed information regarding the same.

Useful & Quick SEO Tips for Everyone:

So, I assume you have a site of yours or you starting one soon. In all the cases, try to implement all those tips mentioned below and if you have one to add, you can always suggest via comment.

  • Interlink one pages another on your website: When you link back, make sure to take care of anchor text technique.
  • For WordPress, you can use SEO smart link premium to automate the process.
  • Don’t be afraid of linking out: Read about the benefits of outbound links.
  • Always avoid using Flash :Flash: engine bots find it hard to crawl flash file & in most of the cases they ignore them. So, find an alternative solutions.
  • Build quality backlinks, not just backlinks: Focus on quality instead of quantity.
  • Use your keyword in image alt texts : If you have read about On page optimization or our Image SEO optimization guide, you will realize how images can boost your blog SEO.
  • Use bold and italics to mark keyword and important words in your contents. Improves the scanability of your content.
  • Instead of focusing on Keyword density, use LSI keywords.
  • Link to the authority site in your niche.
  • Use Schema
  • Use Knowledge graph
  • Use structural mark-ups like subheads, bullets and bold. : This will give better user experience and you can target keywords in h2, h3 tags too.
  • After you have your site content start keyword researching.: Here is a guide for newbies to getting started with Keyword research.
  • Create as much content about your products or subject as you can.
  • Social Media and Reviews. : Social media presence is very important after post panda SEO.
  • Try to avoid using <br> tags for line breaks, always use <p> tags.
  • Make sure all images are under 30KB.
  • Make sure the cascading style sheet (CSS) is less than 10KB.
  • Don’t use images for navigation buttons, it’s far better to have text (this is also good for internal linking).

Above mentioned point are quick checklist for everyone here. Do add your one SEO tip to make this list bigger.

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20 Quick SEO Tips for Everyone
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